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Chi tiết sản phẩm

Acetic acid, puriss. p.a., ACS reagent, reag. ISO, reag. Ph. Eur., ≥99.8%

Tên gọi khác : CH3CO2H
Mã sản phẩm :
Ứng dụng :
Số CAS: 64-19-7 Công thức hoá học: CH3CO2H Trọng lượng phân tử: 60.05

Tính chất


Related Categories A-B, Puriss p.a. ACS, ACS Grade Acids & Bases, Acetic Acid, Acids, Acids & Bases,
grade   ACS reagent, reag. ISO, reag. Ph. Eur.
vapor density   2.07 (vs air)
grade   puriss. p.a.
assay   ≥99.8%
autoignition temp.   800 °F
expl. lim.   16 %, 92 °F
  4 %, 59 °F
impurities   ≤0.0002% acetaldehyde
  ≤0.0005% non-volatile matter
  ≤0.002% KMnO4 red. matter (as HCOOH)
  ≤0.01% acetic anhydride (GC)
  ≤0.2% water (Karl Fischer)
color   APHA: ≤10
refractive index   n20/D 1.371(lit.)
bp   117-118 °C(lit.)
mp   16.2 °C(lit.)
transition temp   freezing point ≥16.3 °C
density   1.049 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
anion traces   chloride (Cl-): ≤0.5 mg/kg
  phosphate (PO43-): ≤0.5 mg/kg
  sulfate (SO42-): ≤0.5 mg/kg
cation traces   Ag: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Al: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  As: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Ba: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Be: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Bi: ≤0.1 mg/kg
  Ca: ≤0.2 mg/kg
  Cd: ≤0.02 mg/kg
  Co: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Cr: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  Cu: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Fe: ≤0.2 mg/kg
  Ge: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  K: ≤0.1 mg/kg
  Li: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Mg: ≤0.1 mg/kg
  Mn: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Mo: ≤0.02 mg/kg
  Na: ≤0.5 mg/kg
  Ni: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  Pb: ≤0.02 mg/kg
  Sr: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Ti: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Tl: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  V: ≤0.01 mg/kg
  Zn: ≤0.05 mg/kg
  Zr: ≤0.1 mg/kg
suitability   passes test for indifference to chromic acid

Giá và thông tin khác

Giá : Liên hệ 0918 02 30 81 - 0902 33 44 76

Chi tiết sản phẩm


Other Notes


A -D suffix exists for administrative purposes only.
All -D packages are 100% the same product, same quality, same specification as the package sizes previously sold without a -D.



In PE-bottles; also available Glass-bottles (Material no. ending with *-GL)


Acetic acid has been used in the analysis of synthetic peptides by electron transfer dissociation (ETD) tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). It may be used in the preparation of peroxyacetic acid (disinfectant), via reaction with perhydrol (30% hydrogen peroxide).

for use as solvent for perchloric acid titration

General description

Acetic acid is an organic carboxylic acid. It is a hygroscopic liquid having pungent odor. Its anhydrous form is commonly referred as glacial acetic acid. It forms dimers linked by hydrogen bonds in solution and gaseous phases. It is weakly acidic in nature.


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